Setup Sendmail MTA in Cygwin (and basic Mutt tutorial)

This is a very quick guide to setting up the Sendmail mail transport agent in Cygwin. Run the Cygwin setup-x86_64.exe program and install both sendmail and mutt. Your machine has to have a domain name assigned to it for Sendmail to run. Most people name their computers without assigning a domain name. To assign a domain name open a Cygwin ...more

Illegal immigration is a hate crime

End the DACA and no amnesty. Deport all illegals immediately and their kids and relatives. Their kids are not citizens. Stop misinterpreting the 14th Amendment. No birthright citizenship. All employers, landlords, financial, and educational institutions must be required to use E-Verify. Prosecute to the fullest extent possible all public officials who conspire to break ...more

How to download videos from YouTube

In most of my online courses there are videos which accompany our lessons which I need to download. Yes I could just try to watch the videos online, but that doesn't realistically translate when being somewhere with unreliable Internet like a cafe using public wifi or somewhere where there's no connection. Also I like to have the videos ...more

Please Be Careful President Trump

President Trump, I hope you realize the full extent to which the establishment hates you and wants to completely derail you. When you meet with people in person I hope you are aware that one technique for manipulation that can be used against you which is difficult to detect is the use of the chemical oxytocin. This chemical is known ...more

Hurricane hypocrisy

Watching the level of "concern" in media over the hurricane in a society that fucks over its people so severely, the hypocrisy of it is astounding. "Look! There's a branch on the sidewalk!" ... while hard-working, honest people are monumentally fucked over by a corrupt oligarchy... Their priority is not the welfare of the people, not the welfare of us. Their ...more

Good article about the gaping hypocrisy of the Catholic church regarding illegal immigration

U.S. Conference of Bishops’ Ludicrous Response to Steve Bannon’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview It is very easy to call for the legalizing of 800,000 or two million or 11 million or 25 million illegal immigrants when you will only personally benefit from these policies, both through fuller pews and the love of the mainstream media. The problem with this thinking is ...more

Heaven and Hell and Sub-bituminous coal

The other day it was really hot. I rode my bicycle to the beach at the ocean. The ocean is normally too cold to swim in. But it was so hot and the time of year was right and I swam for the longest time ever in my life in this amazing, beautiful ocean. I had not been ...more

Human Sacrifice

An asylum seeker accused of raping and murdering a student in Germany has told a court he posed as a minor to improve his immigration chances in 2015. Maria L was 19 when she was raped and murdered last October in Freiburg, south-west Germany. Her body was found in a river; she had been strangled. There was particular anger that he ...more