Python-based rsync backup script

This is a backup script I created in Python which uses the eminent rsync utility to perform the actual backup operation.  This script addresses a few things that are lacking from rsync's options that I really want: One is the ability to specify in one single config file which paths (directories and/or files) to backup and which to ignore. If you're ...more

Christmas Procession

I can think of nothing more profoundly moving in the human realm here on Earth than a Christmas procession at a festive Christmas mass. During the opening procession of mass it literally feels like Divinity coming in its effulgent glory. At the closing procession it is like a grand, holy, magical energy has come and is now leaving, ...more

California was never Mexican

The early generals, ranchers, and governors of California were Spanish. During that time there were indigenous tribes of native Americans living in California. But California was never Mexican. Juan Bautista Valentín Alvarado y Vallejo, Governor of Alta California from 1837 to 1842. Image links to article. General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, military commander, politician, and rancher. Image links to article. José ...more

We are at war

US-Mexico border bridegroom smuggled heroin A US man who wed his Mexican fiancée at the border with Mexico last month turned out to be a convicted heroin smuggler, local media report. Background checks failed to reveal Brian Houston was awaiting sentencing in San Diego at the time, and the US Border Patrol approved the event. The wedding was part of a "Door of ...more

Sexual harassment

As a boy/young adult growing up I experienced what is called sexual harassment many times. There were older adults who basically hit on me - wanted to have sex with me. I was never violated by any of these people and I don't consider the experiences to have been traumatic. More disappointing. When you're friends with ...more

Super-quick guide to create a Linux (CentOS) virtual machine under LXD

These instructions work for Ubuntu 16.04, possibly with other distros as well. My goal was to set up a CentOS virtual machine for learning purposes. Install LXD via snap These commands must be run as superuser/root: apt install snapd snap install lxd snap start lxd lxd init Answer the questions. Default answers should work fine but I was getting issues with the default ...more

Cygwin Quick Install

Install Cygwin Open an cmd terminal as administrator, then: cd .. mkdir cygwin64 Open a web browser to and download setup-x86_64.exe to the C:\cygwin64 directory. Back in the cmd terminal, copy this: setup-x86_64.exe -P alternatives,astyle,bind-utils,binutils,chere,cmake,cygutils-extra,dos2unix,fetchmail,file,findutils,gcc-g++,getmail,hostname,httpd,httpd-mod_php7,ImageMagick,inetutils,inetutils-server,ipcalc,libapr1-devel,libaprutil1-devel,lynx,make,mutt,mysql,mysql-server,nc,ncftp,net-snmp-utils,openssh,perl,php,php-pdo-mysql,php-pdo-sqlite,php-sqlite3,procmail,procps,procps-ng,pwgen,python,python3,rsync,run,screen,sed,socat,source-highlight,sqlite3,ssmtp,syslog-ng,tar,units,unzip,usbutils,util-linux,vim,wget,which,whois,xz,zip and press enter. Change the Cygwin home directory to your Windows home directory Once the install completes open a Cygwin terminal and do the following: cp /etc/nsswitch.conf /etc/nsswitch.conf.ORIG Edit /etc/nsswitch.conf (for exampe using the ...more