I feel sad for everyone who let their time be stolen

It has now been four days since the enforced time disruption/theft which I and the people of the State of Arizona do not accept. And it has been a really wonderful, magical time. All my clocks remained the same. I cannot tell you what a feeling of security, relief, and well-being it brings to not have disruption of your ...more

White people of Silicon Valley you have a responsibility

White people of Silicon Valley, you have a responsibility to society, to your people, to your ancestors, and to your progeny. Stop empowering people who are your enemies by giving them your money. You live in the midst of an evil culture which betrays your people. While you may feel proud of your career success in life and be ...more

Caucasian curly hair and African hair are completely different

I'm just going to come out and say this: Caucasian curly hair and African hair are completely different.  Any website, forum, or product line which attempts to market to both is either incompetent or else greedy. The care for Caucasian curly hair and African  hair is different.  The hair types are different.  Structurally they are very different.  They have almost nothing ...more

Silicon-based conditioning sprays

Silicon is great for hair. It has excellent conditioning and anti-frizz properties and, when used correctly, does not leave hair greasy nor weighed-down.  When you have curly hair, especially if it is fine or color-treated, you want to keep it moist but you also don't want to weigh it down with heavy conditioning products and lots of goop.  Also, you ...more

Cannabis: A marginally-useful anti-emetic herb, a pernicious problem

Hundreds of Illegal Marijuana Grow Operations Sprout in the Shadow of Mount Shasta And of course you knew it had to be "refugee" invaders: Hmong Settlers Say Siskiyou County Pot-Grow Crackdown Smells Like Discrimination Cannabis abuse and its widespread criminal cultivation is a serious problem. It is useful as an anti-emetic herb and even its medical use has been seriously abused. ...more

Change the time zone on your computers and mobile devices down one hour and stay healthy

Change the time zone on your computers and mobile devices to undo the automatic end of Daylight Savings Time which just occurred last night. Go into the date and time settings on your device and look to see what your time zone is set to. Notice the number in the setting name. For example it might say -8 or ...more

I was sexually harassed and subject to humiliating and degrading treatment

In the city I live in, by employees of the city. I then reported the harassment to a non-profit agency which claims to represent transgender people and they claimed they would get back to me. I waited and waited and they never got back to me and subsequent attempts to communicate with them were ignored. I reported the harassment ...more