Elite power athletes!

This is what I found in my genetic report recently: I feel so f**ng ...more

Hair Care Products: Summer 2017 Edition

Here is a list of my current mainstay haircare products: image links to mfg. website Redken Curvaceous Low Foam Moisturizing Cleanser This is a great hair cleanser. It leaves the hair highly conditioned. To use it I dispense the product into my palm then disperse into both palms and work it in the hair starting with the roots. There's an art to ...more

Amazon Foods

Not much to say about it. On the face of it I don't think it is necessarily bad. Whole Foods' actual committment to oragnics is pretty weak already. Their committment to truly healthy foods over and above selling stuff intended to make profit is rather low IMHO. Look at how much space they waste for example ...more


Stressful day. Had a lot going on. Felt pretty wiped out in the morning and decided to go run. Felt good but then more stress in the day. Got home later and the afternoon Sun was glowing brightly, as if inviting me. Put on my running clothes and hit the street again. The run was so blissful - I don't ...more

The Collapse of the City

I went out on my bicycle a couple days ago through the city. I pretty much stopped bicycling but there were a couple errands I needed to run which I knew could be done fairly quickly on a bicycle. Still it was a mistake. It's wrong to bicycle in this city. In fact it's probably wrong ...more

Reject Islam

Islam is fundamentally antagonistic to the West, to Western values and, most importantly, to Western people. To protect Islam and Islamic culture is delusion. To show altruism for something that is antagonistic is sickness, not health. Even people who do not actively practice Islam but are from Islamic countries are fundamentally antagonistic to the West. Their form of degeneracy and misogyny has ...more

Fake news about Russian hacking

These are a few lines from a security log on one of my computers: REJECT all -- 109-184-128-77.dynamic.mts-nn.ru anywhere reject-with icmp-port-unreachable REJECT all -- broadband-95-84-178-46.moscow.rt.ru anywhere ...more

I don't get LinkedIn

So I signed up for LinkedIn last week because I'm starting to explore the possibility of employment. I thought I wouldn't hurt to at least sign up and try to connect with some of my professors as a good start. But the thing I don't get about LinkedIn is this: They push so hard to get you to "connect" with ...more