Slow caffeine metabolizers at increased risk of heart attack

So one of the great things that 23andme told me - before it was destroyed by the United States Food and Drug Administration - was that I'm a caffeine "slow metabolizer". I wrote a while ago about an experience I had in which I was engaging in vigorous physical activity which resulted in my heart going into an overdrive ...more

Amazing John Masters sale ends tonight

$20 off and free shipping for all orders over $50 Ends midnight Dec. 26 PST I just bought a couple of their foaming hand & body wash which I really like. ...more

End-of-year healing stuff

End of year. Good time to clear. After accumulating so many things - possibly even not being aware of the extent to which we may have accumulated things - 'tis a good time to set intention to... clear. To just clear. To release everything. Because, whatever happened last year, you can't take it with you ...more

Complexion, hair, and makeup

Someone said - a couple people said actually - to me that people look their best when their hair is its natural color. Now that my hair is close - very close - not identical but close - to its natural color I think I'm starting to notice something: Because my hair is lighter, the darker areas on my ...more