I am here to blow your mind! (Schoko-Mint Madness!)

LOL this is THE most amazing - absolutely mind-blowing - herbal tea you will ever make! Try this! fill 1 16oz glass salsa jar about 55% full with hot, pure water add about .6 teaspoon of dried organic tulsi leaf add about .8 teaspoon of dried organic spearmint leaf add about .3 teaspoon of dried organic stevia leaf OK, and now... here ...more

Hay chicas y chicos

Saw this online today, which is from material created by chrysalis.org.es I think it's beautiful. Also, I don't have a tv, but there was discussion online recently about a gay love scene on some show, and there was a screenshot of these two *really* hot guys in bed. What can you say? It's healthy for people to love each other. ...more

One of my favorite moisurizers: Fairy Dust Moonkiss

  I've been using Fairy Dust Moonkiss for a while.  I usually dampen my fingers with warm water then add several drops and then smooth or pat it onto my face.  I really love its properties: It's very nourishing to skin and not greasy.  It's a very natural and healthy way to moisturize and is great on those increasing numbers of ...more

Slow caffeine metabolizers at increased risk of heart attack

So one of the great things that 23andme told me - before it was destroyed by the United States Food and Drug Administration - was that I'm a caffeine "slow metabolizer". I wrote a while ago about an experience I had in which I was engaging in vigorous physical activity which resulted in my heart going into an overdrive ...more