Heart beating extremely hard and fast and lightheaded - but OK!

Today I went bicycling and when I first got on the trail it was such a beautiful day, with the Sun shining, and the wonderful fresh air, the trees all around - it felt so blissful and I was so excited and exuberant. I also just had a little bit of tea which I accidentally oversteeped - I usually ...more

A special secret

image links to mfg website If you use this wonderful, amazing oil there is a special secret to it! I discovered this a while back and I'm still blown away by it every time I use this oil. If you get this oil and use it on your food (I use it not just on salad but love it on ...more

The amazing new treatment for my hair

I have found a new treatment for my hair that is amazing. It is working better than any products I've used to date. To tell you what it is I will use the well-known mind-puzzle. Are you ready for it? Ok... You are born with it. Poor people have a lot of it. If you ...more

Trying to go blonde

So the last few times I touched up my roots I've noticed that the color didn't take quite as well, leaving a markedly distinct band where the hair is lighter closer to the scalp. The last few times I did root touchups I did it on damp hair, thinking it wouldn't matter. Perhaps it does matter after all. ...more