Deer are so cool

Today I went bicycling and saw a deer family right next to me. They are so cool. I think they like being around people. They were peacefully going about their grazing while I was watching them. The buck was watching me also. I actually felt like I was intruding on them a little bit by standing there with my phone pointed ...more

Persimmons and Peanuts

This is a special time of year when the farmers market has peanuts and persimmons. The peanuts I get at the farmers market and take home and cook in my rice cooker are the only ones I eat. My body does not tolerate any other type of peanut or peanut product. But when they are boiled they ...more

I love it when...

...the cucumbers at the farmers market still have dirt on them ...the lady at the Thai stand where I get amazing deals on tomatoes and baby cucumbers has dark Raybans on and is wearing a leopard print top, black skirt, and shiny ...more

Inhabiting a place vs. living

Inhabiting a place, a locality, is not the same as living there. ...more