Finally came up with a plan for my hair

So in my process to transition back to natural the past months have been difficult. After bleaching my hair several times it became lighter, but still not light enough to match my natural color. The disparity between the color treated hair and my natural color is too high. I did try to color my hair with 10G a while ...more

Really enjoying Pike Place Roast

I know maybe it's cliche or something. Starbucks stores are everywhere. But anyhow a couple nights ago I went to a store and finally actually bought a bag of decaf Pike Place Roast pre-ground. I've now made pour-overs of it at home several times and can easily say this is the best coffee I've ever made. I'm happy ...more

The body apparently does not absorb genetic material from food

A study from the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, finds no evidence that genetic material from food is absorbed in the human body where it would e.g. be able to change the body’s ability to regulate the cholesterol metabolism or influence the immune system. A major new study carried out by researchers from the National Food Institute has found ...more

"Living" in my apartment

"Living" in my apartment, and even being outdoors, is like being in the middle of Baghdad during the Shock-and-Awe bombing campaign. There is a constant barrage of outrageously loud booms. One vehicle that parks in the garage of my building - two floors below my apartment - is so loud it shakes the entire building. In between the shock-and-awe ...more

Hot tubs & jacuzzis & swimming pools & ... urine. Lot's of urine.

Just sickening: New Scientific Test Finds Up To 75 Liters of Urine In Public Pools Scientists have developed a test designed to estimate how much urine has been covertly added to a large volume of water. "The test works by measuring the concentration of an artificial sweetener, acesulfame potassium (ACE), that is commonly found in processed food and passed through the ...more

35-second tea

A while back I started sampling some expensive teas just out of curiousity. Since then I found one tea that I really like. I will not write the name of it because it is a rare tea and I don't want it to be publicized, but nonetheless it is a premium-priced tea that is basically about four times ...more

New Year's Resolution

For some reason it feels like now is the new year time. Something about the days getting longer and the season now markedly shifting. Today for lunch I was inspired and made a tofu stir-fry and salad. I had a flash - an instantaneous vision of myself enjoying eating on a higher level. In order to do that ...more

What is division?

What is division? What does it mean when something is said to be divided? The opposite of division is unity. To be divided means to be separated. To be unified means to be together. To understand division I think it's important to understand unity. Without a deep understanding of unity an understanding of division is superficial or meaningless. ...more