Stressful day. Had a lot going on. Felt pretty wiped out in the morning and decided to go run. Felt good but then more stress in the day. Got home later and the afternoon Sun was glowing brightly, as if inviting me. Put on my running clothes and hit the street again. The run was so blissful - I don't ...more

The Collapse of the City

I went out on my bicycle a couple days ago through the city. I pretty much stopped bicycling but there were a couple errands I needed to run which I knew could be done fairly quickly on a bicycle. Still it was a mistake. It's wrong to bicycle in this city. In fact it's probably wrong ...more

Poison oak honey

In some areas around where I live there is a lot of poison oak. It is one of the hardiest, most well-adapted plants to this area. Sometimes on an otherwise barren hill there will be no other plants growing except for some poison oak tenaciously clinging to the soil and rock. One thing about poison oak is that it tends to ...more

What am I eating right now?

The most amazing scrambled tofu: In wok fry: Organic extra-firm high-protein tofu Organic shiitake mushrooms Curly kale At the end add: Scallion Put into bowl and add generous amount of curry powder Sprinkle in some fresh-ground cumin Celtic sea salt Bliss out! Organic stir-fry scrambled tofu. Love ...more

Really loving this shampoo

Redken Curvaceous Lo-Foam Cleanser image links to mfg website Got a sample of this shampoo a couple days ago and am really impressed by it. I normally don't like to even use shampoo most of the time, just conditioner, but this shampoo is really gentle and moisturizing. I also like the fact that the main ingredients are ...more

Hair: Fishished!

So today I think I may have actually arrived at my final destination with my hair, which has taken many months. When I started out I was using 6GC but then one time after doing a root touch-up I saw that the color didn't take on my roots very well. Rather than do another treatment to try to darken the roots ...more

Finally came up with a plan for my hair

So in my process to transition back to natural the past months have been difficult. After bleaching my hair several times it became lighter, but still not light enough to match my natural color. The disparity between the color treated hair and my natural color is too high. I did try to color my hair with 10G a while ...more

Really enjoying Pike Place Roast

I know maybe it's cliche or something. Starbucks stores are everywhere. But anyhow a couple nights ago I went to a store and finally actually bought a bag of decaf Pike Place Roast pre-ground. I've now made pour-overs of it at home several times and can easily say this is the best coffee I've ever made. I'm happy ...more