HEPA air purifier

Was never so glad as right now to have a good-quality air purifier. My windows are shut and the purifier is running on max and it's ...more

Microsoft Word 2016 configuration notes

Change default document template to single-spacing (Word 2016) Windows start -> Search -> %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates opens in Explorer: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\ in blank document in Word 2016: Home tab -> Styles -> right click Normal -> select Modify change font to Calibri 11 pt. (other good fonts or this) click single-spacing icon (near center) click Format -> Paragraph change Spacing before and after values to 0 Save as Word Macro-enabled templace (dotm) named ...more


It's in the news today that the US government is looking into phasing out the use of Social Security Numbers for identification. This is after the massive Equifax security breach in which the data including Social Security Numbers of over 150 million Americans have been stolen. For any company or organization to require or even use a Social ...more

Pelosi: Dreamers’ parents ‘did a great thing’ in sneaking them into U.S.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that illegal immigrant parents who brought their children to the U.S. in defiance of the law “did a great thing,” giving the country an infusion of successful young people. washingtontimes.com: Pelosi: Dreamers’ parents ‘did a great thing’ in sneaking them into U.S. If someone robs a bank and has a child with them it doesn't ...more

Family Safety

It makes me glad to see this. Unfortunately family safety or even family is generally not sufficiently well understood in the mainstream to have the meaning it should. And despite the legion of professors of psychology and sociology - actually in part because of them - our families - our family - is endangered as never before. ...more

President Trump

Your people are dying.  They are being crushed.  They have been oppressed for so long that they've forgotten what it's like to be successful, to have dreams.  They are broken. Hilary Clinton would not have saved them.  Nancy Pelosi certainly won't.  The Democratic and Republican establishment won't.  Corrupt city political machines won't. But you can.  You are the hope and the path ...more

Embarrassed to be fat??

If I'm too embarrassed to go out and workout outdoors because I'm fat, bloated, or whatever then I'll never go out. I'm a creature of Earth. I love my body. I cherish it, no matter what. Some days I may feel less than 100%. My body may be disrupted from stress, poor sleep, constipation, or ...more