No wall. Very few deportations. What is wrong?

There are way too many illegals in the United States and the country has let it way too many immigrants.  Now all you see are foreign-born people everywhere.  Huge numbers of Mexicans, Chinese, and now middle-easterners as well. Donald Trump was elected to deport all illegals from the United States, to hold all employers who hire illegals responsible, to build the ...more

This is so cute!

I almost feel like crying also when I watch her reaction. Kids are so amazing! I think a lot of people feel this way about our amazing ...more

114 hours 🎶 ♪

I have a music playlist that is 1030 hours' worth of music. If it takes me 20 seconds to review a 3 minute track, that means I could review all the tracks in only 114 hours. Of course 20 seconds for 3 minutes is just an estimate. I actually can cut the time down considerably. Sometimes I just ...more

Divinity the reality vs. divinity the abstraction

Divinity the reality is tied to life. Even if a being walked up in front of you and you knew it was a divinity that doesn't mean it is still not an abstraction. Divinity the reality is in your memory, not your cognition. What you yearn for is not an abstraction, but a reality. The abstraction may appeal ...more

Caucasian curly hair and African hair are completely different

I'm just going to come out and say this: Caucasian curly hair and African hair are completely different.  Any website, forum, or product line which attempts to market to both is either incompetent or else greedy. The care for Caucasian curly hair and African  hair is different.  The hair types are different.  Structurally they are very different.  They have almost nothing ...more

Silicon-based conditioning sprays

Silicon is great for hair. It has excellent conditioning and anti-frizz properties and, when used correctly, does not leave hair greasy nor weighed-down.  When you have curly hair, especially if it is fine or color-treated, you want to keep it moist but you also don't want to weigh it down with heavy conditioning products and lots of goop.  Also, you ...more

Advice if you are getting electrolysis treatment

This advice has been acquired through experience. 1. Before treatment cleanse skin thoroughly with a gentle cleanser such as Nutribiotic Sensitive Skin cleanser which I highly recommend. 2. Do not apply anything to the skin prior to treatment. This means no lotions, serums, oils or: 3. Numbing cream - do not use. Areas like the upper lip are ...more

My tea from China arrived today

I know a lot of teas actually come from China, but today the package of the first-ever tea which I ordered directly from China arrived. It is a premium-grade Phoenix Dan Cong oolong. I put it in a Japanese tea container (chazutsu = cha (tea) + zutsu (cylinder)) but have not yet tried it because I'm still only ...more