What I saw the other day

I was on a bus in the city and this disgusting, ugly as fuck obese Mexican illegal woman who appeared to speak only very little English was with a young Caucasian boy who was seated next to her. She was obviously the caretaker of this boy, hired by some yuppie parent or parents to watch him while they work ...more

How grubby the City has become

Walking and riding buses through city today. It's shocking, sad, and upsetting how grubby the city has become. You see illegals everywhere. If you see any construction projects going on almost all the workers are illegals. They all speak Spanish or Cantonese. Buses are packed with lots of illiterate illegal welfare plundering migrants. Lots ...more

Christianity, Morality, and #TradLife

I'll just be blunt about this: I actually find it sickening that some people think that reverting to Christianity is virtuous. The reason I'm not Christian isn't because I'm not moral, it's because I find it immoral to practice Christianity. To practice Christianity would mean throwing away an essential part of what is spirituality. Christianity is going ...more

Retardedness creates more retardedness

Retardedness creates more retardedness. Being around retardedness, being exposed to it, makes you retarded. Whatever is around retardedness becomes more retarded. There is a lot of retardedness. It's all around. But rather than choose to transcend it, people choose more of it. Society is collectively choosing more retardedness. ...more

What am I eating right now?

The most amazing scrambled tofu: In wok fry: Organic extra-firm high-protein tofu Organic shiitake mushrooms Curly kale At the end add: Scallion Put into bowl and add generous amount of curry powder Sprinkle in some fresh-ground cumin Celtic sea salt Bliss out! Organic stir-fry scrambled tofu. Love ...more

24 hours ago I thought I would have to drop my courses

24 hours ago things were so fucked up, I was so sick, toxed out, and tired that I thought I would have to drop both my online courses. Now I'm back to getting A's. Retardedness creates retardedness. Being around retardedness makes you retarded. Retardedness spreads like a disease. In this fucked up society having a ...more

Mainstream media misinformation about Berkeley

The fact that I needed to go and buy a respirator, a helmet, and a face mask to go to a political event in America just shocks me. I'm still trying to get over the fact that I just had to go and buy that stuff to go to a political event, let alone what actually happened at this ...more

Really loving this shampoo

Redken Curvaceous Lo-Foam Cleanser image links to mfg website Got a sample of this shampoo a couple days ago and am really impressed by it. I normally don't like to even use shampoo most of the time, just conditioner, but this shampoo is really gentle and moisturizing. I also like the fact that the main ingredients are ...more