Finally came up with a plan for my hair

So in my process to transition back to natural the past months have been difficult. After bleaching my hair several times it became lighter, but still not light enough to match my natural color. The disparity between the color treated hair and my natural color is too high. I did try to color my hair with 10G a while ...more

Thinking about Buddhism, Taoism, and modern life

Hello I'm updating this post with more relevant information. To start off there is something that I find very strange about the world: Why do people help other people who do not have their best interests at heart? This is a very basic question, but one sees that it occurs all the time that people help others who do not have their ...more

Here's what a loud vehicle looks like

The new sound meter I ordered arrived today. It connects to a PC and has graphing capabilities and can also export data in spreadsheet format. Above shows a vehicle that went by outside - somewhat loud but nowhere close to some of the really loud ones that pass. The blue line shows the sound level and the red line ...more

Really enjoying Pike Place Roast

I know maybe it's cliche or something. Starbucks stores are everywhere. But anyhow a couple nights ago I went to a store and finally actually bought a bag of decaf Pike Place Roast pre-ground. I've now made pour-overs of it at home several times and can easily say this is the best coffee I've ever made. I'm happy ...more

How can you not love Ayla?

Watching Wife with a Purpose's latest video - post nasty derisive mainstream media coverage of her which occurred last week. All I can say is: How can you not love Ayla? She's so cool! She's this amazing, thought-provoking, conscientious, and considerate mom who creates these videos where she shares her insights, knowledge, wisdom, and ideas honestly and openly. The only ...more

How to fix LibreOffice's horrible user interface issues under Ubuntu

LibreOffice is supposed to be really good, and it is really good, however on my Ubuntu systems which run KDE the interface of LibreOffice looks terrible. I tried changing the themes and various interface settings but it does not help. Icons look horrible. The background is is horribly dark to the point of being unusable. Finally though I ...more

The way American citizens are being screwed over makes me livid

I am from Ohio, and one thing that makes me livid is to see how the amazing, incredibly good, hard-working, honest and intelligent people of midwestern states are being totally fucked over while states like California turn around and give free shit to illegals. Most of what is great about America was built by people from the Midwest and their intelligence ...more