Hypernormalization and crime

Am watching the film Hypernormalization again and I like the part where they're discussing the idea of the job of politicians is to deal with managed outcomes. I see that every day. Managed outcomes means that we let people out of jails because there isn't enough space to hold them and anyhow it costs more money. So ...more

What the fake news thing is about

What the fake news things about is this: Only the oligarchy-controlled mainstream media has the right to create fake news. They are targeting unsanctioned sources of fake news because they want to maintain the exclusive right to create and distribute fake news. Let me give you some examples of fake news: Remember the thing about soymilk being bad? Soymilk can ...more

Sugar, illegal immigration, media lies

Notice how ubiquitous all three are? Notice how extensively they try to push them down everyone's throats? Toxic sugar pushed down everyone's throats by globalist conglomerates is a good metaphor for all the shit going on. By the way, Starbucks has absolutely no credibility whatsoever. They tried to take a moral stand to support illegal immigration. Have some illegal ...more

Vivaldi: The web browser of the future (master list of extensions)

So I've started using Vivaldi as my main web browser. It simply performs much better than Firefox. It is radically faster and plays media better (less choppy/laggy/etc.). It has more features than Chrome or Opera. It's simply the best browser available. I have a high standard for a web browser and Vivaldi comes close to meeting every expectation very well and ...more

Physiological differences in brain structure

Brain region linked to introspection WASHINGTON — New research has uncovered a part of the brain that is larger in people who seem particularly introspective. Some people know their minds better than others, and research being reported Friday is a step at understanding the biology behind that important part of human consciousness. Brain region linked to introspection Insular Cortex Prefrontal cortex The team then performed structural ...more

This kind of makes me sad

Saw this when updating Notepad++: It's sad when our intelligence agencies cannot keep secrets. Wtf is going on? Did all these recent NSA/CIA leaks occur because employees leaked it, or was it because they got p4wned somehow? I wonder if they have a strict policy requiring only Linux/BSD to be ...more

I realize, now, what's missing

I've been aware of this for some time. It seems like the more immersed I became with the AltRight the more I became aware of it. There's a disjunct. Something is not right. Something is really not right. I mean, just look at the disconnect between what people are saying and what is reality. It doesn't ...more