Hard drive shmard drive. Run your server from a USB flash drive.

Failing hard drive. Need to rescue system. The hard drive in my home server system - a somewhat older Dell Optiplex 7010 which is a good, reliable box - started giving SMART errors which usually indicates impending drive failure. My initial reaction is always to boot the system from a rescue disk. Nowadays rescue disks are not used so much ...more

Around the tree and through the hole

Years ago my Dad taught me how to tie a the one type of most useful knot. If you only know how to tie one type of knot other than a standard overhand knot this is the one because it enables you to bind things together very tightly. It allows you to pull the string or rope very ...more

Bash script to fix Windows home directory permissions

Somehow the permissions on my Windows home directory got messed up so I decided to write a script to fix them.  I am not 100% sure if these are the correct permissions or not.  I used another Windows machine as a reference but my investigation into what the default permissions are supposed to be was not comprehensive so caveat emptor ...more

Lubuntu 17.10 is amazing

Just set up the latest Lubuntu 17.10 on an older Thinkpad X301 laptop that I keep as a backup system and wow!  Lubuntu is really excellent!  Even though this Thinkpad is pretty old Lubuntu runs great on it. Lubunutu has a great interface that is very user-friendly. I highly recommend it if you want a simple, lightweight distribution or if you ...more

My Time

Found an interesting article today about the background on Arizona's decision to opt out of the Uniform Time Act in 1968. As I've written over the past months, I am really loving the fact that I did not change my clocks from Daylight Savings Time back in November. I have been able to keep my same exact daily schedule, not having ...more

Warning to the World

At this end of 2017 the situation for humanity on Earth is grim. Over past decades again and again humanity has witnessed one sad turning point after another as humanity continues its plummet towards catastrophe. Many of these turning points are ecological, biological, or environmental in nature as species die off, habitats disappear, environments are changed, and natural ...more

Take care of your vegetables and they will take care of you

Take care of your vegetables, and they will take care of you. What do I mean by this? People acquire vegetables and then take them home and put them in a refrigerator. I you only have one vegetable in your refrigerator - maybe a head of lettuce or a bunch of broccoli - there isn't that much to take care ...more