Damage from UniteTheRight

I read the Wikipedia page of one of the prominent people who was at the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally (David Duke), and then saw video of another person who was there (Cantwell). Both of these people are never people I would want to follow nor who I would ever consider to be leaders of any kind. That said, there ...more

Winamp will always be amazing. I miss it.

I installed Winamp on a system today as a backup to play my white noise while being able to listen to other music through Media Monkey which is the main player I now use. Media Monkey is pretty good but still, after installing Winamp and applying a color theme to it, I'm still amazed. Winamp reminds me of a better time, ...more

Advice if you are getting electrolysis treatment

This advice has been acquired through experience. 1. Before treatment cleanse skin thoroughly with a gentle cleanser such as Nutribiotic Sensitive Skin cleanser which I highly recommend. 2. Do not apply anything to the skin prior to treatment. This means no lotions, serums, oils or: 3. Numbing cream - do not use. Areas like the upper lip are ...more

Skara Brae

So amazing. It's always sad to me when stupid dramas or documentaries depict ancient peoples - our noble ancestors - as crude. Who knows, maybe their lives were far more advanced than ours in ways we simply can't imagine because we've forgotten? I found out about this while reading about the history of water supply and sanitation. If ...more

Setup Sendmail MTA in Cygwin (and basic Mutt tutorial)

This is a very quick guide to setting up the Sendmail mail transport agent in Cygwin. Run the Cygwin setup-x86_64.exe program and install both sendmail and mutt. Your machine has to have a domain name assigned to it for Sendmail to run. Most people name their computers without assigning a domain name. To assign a domain name open a Cygwin ...more

Illegal immigration is a hate crime

End the DACA and no amnesty. Deport all illegals immediately and their kids and relatives. Their kids are not citizens. Stop misinterpreting the 14th Amendment. No birthright citizenship. All employers, landlords, financial, and educational institutions must be required to use E-Verify. Prosecute to the fullest extent possible all public officials who conspire to break ...more

How to download videos from YouTube

In most of my online courses there are videos which accompany our lessons which I need to download. Yes I could just try to watch the videos online, but that doesn't realistically translate when being somewhere with unreliable Internet like a cafe using public wifi or somewhere where there's no connection. Also I like to have the videos ...more