Online course facilitators

Am just thinking about this idea - there are multiple barriers for universities and for professors to making courses available online. Universities that do provide online sections of courses set up and maintain an online education framework such as Moodle but many professors still have a hard time being able to online-ify their courses. Wondering about what it would take ...more

This was the peak for human civilization on Earth Pennsylvania_Station (1910 - 1963) A great temple built to worship a civic god who might not have a name, but who many millions knew, loved, and paid homage to. This culture based on this god engaged in great achievements and attained a great freedom unlike any other. But then it met its demise. This great temple was destroyed. how can something ...more

Cultural parasitism and the creation of ethnic mafias

Nordic people are trusting, they're open-minded, they respect effort and, what was going on there in my reaction, was that I was in effect being tricked into thinking that this person was exercising some kind of aesthetic discipline and was very pious in some way or another, and that to me was a sign of effort, a sign of work. ...more

Max heart rate

After my previous post about the event the other day in which my heart got "maxed out" while bicycling exuberantly after caffeine intake, I have still been looking into this. I find this issue very interesting because it has to do with the way the human body is designed. What actually happens in the body when one engages ...more

Truly at the vanguard and nothing can stop it

Always remember there's no media outrage about... the media didn't cover Rotherham. But they covered this. So whenever you start feeling like you're going to counter-signal or you're going to start lecturing somebody for being dumb in front of the media, or doing something that wasn't like a perfectly crafted thing or whatever, just remember: These people are ...more

Rethinking the Roman salute

There was this uproar last week about people at the NPI conference Roman saluting. Then a huge media freakout and basically everything else about the conference - including many amazing speakers - being completely ignored. One person claimed that it was - what did he call it? - controlled opposition or something like that. Essentially claiming that NPI was ...more

Heart beating extremely hard and fast and lightheaded - but OK!

Today I went bicycling and when I first got on the trail it was such a beautiful day, with the Sun shining, and the wonderful fresh air, the trees all around - it felt so blissful and I was so excited and exuberant. I also just had a little bit of tea which I accidentally oversteeped - I usually ...more