Cygwin Quick Install

Install Cygwin Open an cmd terminal as administrator, then: cd .. mkdir cygwin64 Open a web browser to and download setup-x86_64.exe to the C:\cygwin64 directory. Back in the cmd terminal, copy this: setup-x86_64.exe -P alternatives,astyle,bind-utils,binutils,chere,cmake,cygutils-extra,dos2unix,fetchmail,file,findutils,gcc-g++,getmail,hostname,httpd,httpd-mod_php7,ImageMagick,inetutils,inetutils-server,ipcalc,libapr1-devel,libaprutil1-devel,lynx,make,mutt,mysql,mysql-server,nc,ncftp,net-snmp-utils,openssh,perl,php,php-pdo-mysql,php-pdo-sqlite,php-sqlite3,procmail,procps,procps-ng,pwgen,python,python3,rsync,run,screen,sed,socat,source-highlight,sqlite3,ssmtp,syslog-ng,tar,units,unzip,usbutils,util-linux,vim,wget,which,whois,xz,zip and press enter. Change the Cygwin home directory to your Windows home directory Once the install completes open a Cygwin terminal and do the following: cp /etc/nsswitch.conf /etc/nsswitch.conf.ORIG Edit /etc/nsswitch.conf (for exampe using the ...more

Firefox 57

Firefox 57 has been officially released. If you followed the instructions in my previous post about getting ready for Firefox 57 you might not even notice much of a change at all except for a few things. Multi-row tab bar is possible! There is a way to introduce a multi-row tab bar into Firefox 57: See this post on Reddit's FirefoxCSS forum. ...more

No Welfare No Amnesty No Work for Illegals

No welfare, social services, benefits, nor tax credits for illegals. No amnesty for illegals whatsoever. No work for illegals - start holding all employers responsible for who they hire. If necessary provide temporary work permits. The offspring of illegals are not US citizens. The idea that uneducated, low-IQ migrants can just take the low-skilled jobs in society is a delusion. It doesn't work that ...more

Upgraded a system to Windows 10 today

The first time I ever upgraded a system to Windows 10 was not long after it was initially released. The process was sufficiently distasteful to me at the time that I reverted back to Windows 8.1 not long afterwards. Many apps were uninstalled without my having a choice nor being notified. The interface looked bad. Then ...more

Just a reminder that the United States is not a democracy

This is just a reminder that the United States is not a democracy. It appears now that most people don't care about this anymore. But I thought it was worth posting a ...more

Reading in the news about "holy land" and "holy sites"

Holy land holy land holy land holy site holy site holy site Fuck you. You are a fucking farce. You are not holy. Your site/land isn't holy. You don't even know what holiness is you sick fucks. Don't use the word holy. You haven't even begun the process of realizing divinity in the world. Seeing "holy land" "holy land" "holy ...more

An unhealthy society: #BoycottSanFrancicso

A healthy society cherishes, protects, and nurtures its most beautiful people. It does not allow them to be killed - to be sacrificed in the most appalling, demonic way - by lowlife savage invaders. That is a major theme behind so much of the mass pathology affecting large parts of the "liberal" world: A resentment of the beautiful. I know Donald ...more

Bicycling improves running kinesthetics

Today was my first run in a while after having bicycled a lot recently. During my run this afternoon I was very aware of how the bicycling has improved my running kinesthetics. In particular, it seems that bicycling up inclines is very helpful. When bicycling up a grade it causes you to exert more power into your ...more