Using JavaFX RadioButtons with an enum

Couldn't find any good info on this online so posting it here. The goal is to use JavaFX radio buttons with an enum type. Enums (enumerated types) are typically used to define a fixed set of categories which don't change. For this example I've created an enum AccountType which defines different types of bank accounts. public enum ...more

Firearm Logic or Lack Thereof

This is one time when I think everyone can agree we need a constitutional amendment/revision. Whatever way it takes to get it done - tens of millions of people busing in to some location on a weekend for a huge constitutional convention event - it can and should get done. Imagine if, by this time one year from now, the second ...more

Cancel the Fireworks this Year!

Instead let's have these! Drone-works. (Fire-drones? Feierdrones?) Love ...more

"Events" that I like

Looking at "event" listings for my area and it's depressing. I feel like an alien. And it seems like it's only getting worse, not better. There seems to be an increasing amount of things that are not what I want, and fewer of what I would want. We should live in a world where there's music, where there's ...more

All firearms should be illegal in the United States of America

Whatever the intention was behind the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, it has absolutely no relevance whatsoever to present day America. None. Realistically no groups of citizens are ever going to form militias for some political or policing purpose. That is just never going to happen. And any other purposes outside of the intention of the ...more

Buddhist Orchid Monkey

Because I can reuse my tea-balls multiple times I actually have several "in-progress" tea-balls on my counter of different premium teas. I keep them in different little ceramic saki cups. The other day I decided to mix a couple of them together, creating a unique combination. Since these teas have interesting names its fun to combine their names as ...more

You know what's funny?

Recently I was reading an article about this new high-tech building downtown for one of the major tech companies, about how they have all this artsy-fartsy shit inside that's supposed to be so neat and cool: Some board where you place a pin on where you're from on a map, or some other "interactive" synthetic fart-installation type stuff. You know what? ...more

Healing and suffering

I was reading the site of some "healer" person who claims to help people by identifying things that cause their suffering and dealing with them. This same person also expresses how they are afraid of President Trump. What if there are problems with the world because people like this "healer" are themselves fucked up? What if the way that this "healer" ...more