Vertical panels (finally) coming to Cinnamon - Plasma 5.8 should be coming to Ubuntu

Finally there will be vertical panels available for Cinnamon. Honestly, that was one major reason why I never used Cinnamon. I simply cannot stand horizontal panels. They are inefficient and waste space. I actually installed the gnome metapackage for Ubuntu not long ago and was really not impressed by it. Cinnamon is much more advanced and I ...more

America has a satanism problem

America has a satanism problem. Everything else is just a sideshow. I was in a church recently attending a recital and the structure of the building would literally shake every so many seconds during the performance when blastingly loud motorcycles would roar by outside. Its like a constant war zone - only the war is satanic. And the country ...more

Cool JDrama tech gadgets

What mystery jdrama would not be complete without a Mini 8 Multi Voice Changer to scramble the bad guy's voice when he calls the protagonist to lure and/or taunt him or her? I actually saw one of these models (the more expensive black one in the listing) in a drama and was surprised to find its an actual device ...more

Why America is Satanic

I had a dream and in that dream I was in a very special place. That place was like a temple. It was a place where humans and Earth were integrated to extremely advanced levels in harmony, in symbiosis. That place can not exist on Earth anymore. There may have been a time when it was possible, but ...more

The Internet was Attacked Today

A very serious attack on the Internet occurred today. A large number of websites including were unreachable for many hours. I don't remember such a serious attack. In the past there were more limited attacks, but this one affected many, many sites. Its 2016 and I remember thinking years ago in the mid-2000's about the bad security situation then, ...more

Asians who get nose jobs to look more European

I watch a lot of Japanese dramas which I usually like. Sometimes I see the actors and actresses and wonder about their appearances. I'm not sure, but sometimes I wonder if a lot of the actors and actresses have nose jobs. I notice that their noses somehow look odd. Its like the nose doesn't fit with ...more

Chinese illegals

A huge, massive swarm of Chinese illegals has flooded into the United States. Especially into California. More Chinese illegals have flooded into America than from Latin America. I frequently see these little old Chinese illegals at the health food store stealing food from the bulk bins. Today I saw three of them. They wear tattered clothing on ...more

I love it when...

...the cucumbers at the farmers market still have dirt on them ...the lady at the Thai stand where I get amazing deals on tomatoes and baby cucumbers has dark Raybans on and is wearing a leopard print top, black skirt, and shiny ...more