Bluetooth speaker deal alert

Just saw this deal alert at Infoworld for Bluetooth speakers: 71% off Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 PLUS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Deal Alert Shipping cost is about $7 so total cost is around $42 but seems like a pretty good deal for Bluetooth ...more

Don't forget the ship!

Rename the ship please. ...more

wtf galactica?

End of seaon 4 and it's getting weird. What I don't get - MAJOR plot problem here - is if the Cylons are medically indistinguishable from humans, how they have all these weird abilities/traits? When the human-like Cylons were first introduced it seemed like a stretch but I accepted it. Not it's just kind of ridiculous. ...more

"A pattern... for the destruction of the German people..."

All in all, a pattern has been laid in for the total destruction of the German people. And we can see this - it's clearly true, it's clearly playing out now. The final stage of this destruction will be their genetic destruction - and that is the final stage because that is the permanent stage - after that ...more

Ubuntu has run out of Latin letters. What should it do next?

The upcoming release of Ubuntu will be "Zesty Zapus". What should it do next? Go to the letter A? It could, but that would be boring. Really boring. Really, really boring. I was thinking about this and I think that the coolest thing Ubuntu could do would be to use sounds from the languages in the ...more

Thank you Trump Administration for Rescinding the Transgender Bullshit

Thank you Trump administration for rescinding the transgender bathroom shit. I'm a transsexual and never once, in my life, experienced any issue using a facility. The stupid laws and policies which were claimed to support transgender people are really about supporting freaks who are not real transgenders, hairy men who one day decide to call themselves women and expect to ...more

35-second tea

A while back I started sampling some expensive teas just out of curiousity. Since then I found one tea that I really like. I will not write the name of it because it is a rare tea and I don't want it to be publicized, but nonetheless it is a premium-priced tea that is basically about four times ...more

Wow. White people are so bad!

Wow. White people are shit. The people whose blood and sweat built the United States into a great country are shit because stupid savage frackups are victims and deserve everything. And racism doesn't exist unless it's against whites, of which there are always too many and who are always guilty. Yeah. Things have really, really descended to ...more