These women have been called prostitutes

These women have been called prostitutes. But they are not prostitutes. They are far, far lower than prostitutes. Prostitutes don't enable abusers and rapists. Prostitutes have much more dignity and integrity. We live in an abuse culture.  In my other post on Firefox 57 extensions I mention two extensions which block the videos which many websites attempt to cram down people's ...more

California Wine Country fires caused by twice deported illegal

California is a fucking catastrophic joke. It has a huge infestation problem with illegals - 3/4 of whom are illiterate. It has insane levels of overpopulation. Suburbs and strip malls are spreading like cancer. Road congestion is abhorrent. Housing costs are exorbitant. Homelessness and crime are at unprecedented levels. Most of this has ...more

Getting prepared for Firefox 57

You may have noticed the yellow boxes next to many add-ons in Firefox's add-ons manager which say "Legacy". As of November when Firefox version 57 is released those extensions will no longer work with the new Firefox engine called Quantum. There are literally thousands of plugins which will no longer work when the update occurs. In order to make it ...more

Late-night snack in 1374

It's 1374 and you're hungry for a late-night snack. I wonder if people even really had late-night snacks then. Probably not actually. They would make sure to eat well during the day, during their regular main meals. Still, I often like to have a bowl of oatmeal or buckwheat porridge as a late-night snack and because I don't ...more

Wireless security WPA2 KRACK vulnerability, still no Android patch

UPDATE - Microsoft, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and others have all released updates to address the WPA2 KRACK vulnerability. See the bottom of this page for more info. The WPA2 security protocol for wireless networks has been compromised. This means that the wireless connections on your home network are insecure. Since most people assume that their home network is secure they ...more

HEPA air purifier

Was never so glad as right now to have a good-quality air purifier. My windows are shut and the purifier is running on max and it's ...more

Microsoft Word 2016 configuration notes

Change default document template to single-spacing (Word 2016) Windows start -> Search -> %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates opens in Explorer: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\ in blank document in Word 2016: Home tab -> Styles -> right click Normal -> select Modify change font to Calibri 11 pt. (other good fonts or this) click single-spacing icon (near center) click Format -> Paragraph change Spacing before and after values to 0 Save as Word Macro-enabled templace (dotm) named ...more


It's in the news today that the US government is looking into phasing out the use of Social Security Numbers for identification. This is after the massive Equifax security breach in which the data including Social Security Numbers of over 150 million Americans have been stolen. For any company or organization to require or even use a Social ...more