KDE Plasma with Kubuntu & Linux Mint - Setup, notes, ideas.

Notes These notes are for Kubuntu "Xenial" 16.04 and the Linux Mint 18 "Sarah" KDE release.  I also include some notes for the Debian "Sid" development release. One reason I'm doing this is because its really time for everyone to start moving to Linux.  I understand that we are all accustomed to our non-free operating systems, but it is vital ...more

Another amazing accident: Sprouted black lentils!

I just had another amazing accident/discovery a few days ago. I had soaked some black lentils overnight, planning to cook them the next day. However the next day things were too hectic and I never got around to cooking the lentils. So that evening I put the still soaking lentils in the refrigerator. The next day ...more

Excellent video on the AltRight

In California there is an entire month dedicated to Hispanic appreciation. Another one for Asian appreciation, and yet another for African American. There are Hispanic cultural centers across the state with names like "La Raza". At every college campus there is always a Hispanic student union, a Black student union. Sometimes they are even more particular ...more

Hilary Clinton's Version of Racial Inclusion

Donald Trump's may be gritty and hard to swallow, but at least its real. Donald came from Brooklyn. He's a New Yorker. He knows how to live with people. That doesn't mean always pandering to every type of BS and always kissing ass. People have a choice between Clinton's kissass pandering and Trump's realness and core ...more

Clinton & racism & hypocrisy

Be racist when it serves her interest, decry racism later. Fucked up hypocrisy of a vulgar, lying ...more

Practical, Svelte, Women's Daypacks Suitable for Ultraportables

After having my main backpack which I had used for years stolen I was in the market for something new. The nice thing about my favorite old one was that it was small but just large enough to hold a Thinkpad Carbon X1 which is similar to a Macbook Air in size. I went to a few stores to survey the ...more

Essential workhorse USB flash drive

USB flash drives are so essential and ubiquitous. One thing I love is that they have almost completely replaced optical media as installation media. That means that most Linux distros and other apps can now be installed via USB flash drive. They are easier to store and because they are flash devices the installation process is usually vastly faster than ...more

Mass immigrant labor swarm: Unsustainable and damaging

The idea of importing huge swarms of cheap immigrant labor to fill jobs "nobody wants" - an argument which can easily be torn apart as complete BS - is unsustainable and damaging. Think about going to a cafe. When you go to get your coffee or herbal tea there are employees there. If you are in an upscale community ...more