Here is why action is being propsed/taken against what is called hate speech

I'm a transsexual. What if someone goes online and posts videos or in forums and says things like "Kill all the trannies" and then other people see or read it and get riled up and one day when I go outside I get attacked or killed? It's not just if I were attacked or killed. Is it fair to ...more

Natural language search, and then a masterpiece!

I like natural language searches.  I know some people disparage them.  But my thinking is: Why not?  Why not try it and see what the result is? So from time to time I just type in a natural language search in my favorite search engine, and see what the results are. This time I had been watching a short amount of ...more

I am here to blow your mind! (Schoko-Mint Madness!)

LOL this is THE most amazing - absolutely mind-blowing - herbal tea you will ever make! Try this! fill 1 16oz glass salsa jar about 55% full with hot, pure water add about .6 teaspoon of dried organic tulsi leaf add about .8 teaspoon of dried organic spearmint leaf add about .3 teaspoon of dried organic stevia leaf OK, and now... here ...more

Tidy Up with KonMari!

I love this. I found this at NHK about organizational guru KonMari. She's like a goddess. These videos don't stay up for long so I recommend watching it while it's available. KonMari gives amazing tips on how to basically change your space. I already applied some of her techniques and they are truly amazing. Tidy ...more

Hay chicas y chicos

Saw this online today, which is from material created by I think it's beautiful. Also, I don't have a tv, but there was discussion online recently about a gay love scene on some show, and there was a screenshot of these two *really* hot guys in bed. What can you say? It's healthy for people to love each other. ...more

US soldier brutally beaten in outrageous attack

Attacked for serving his country: Soldier, 19, was beaten by '15 men who spotted his army jacket' - just days after a kind-hearted stranger flew him home to spend Christmas with his widowed mom This is the reality of America. Wake up Americans. ...more